paralegal2 A Paralegal can be defined as a non lawyer who assists a lawyer in his legal work. A paralegal is not a certified lawyer but helps a lawyer with basic things like making reports, and other legal tasks which would assist the lawyer with his trials, hearings etc. Paralegals are an important of a law firm. They are delegated various legal tasks by the lawyers. However, they are not allowed to set any legal fees or present cases in the courtroom etc. They are also known as legal assistants.

What does Paralegal work involve?

The most important paralegal task would be to collect information for the lawyer regarding hearings, closings or trials. Even gathering information for corporate meetings for the lawyer is one of the important paralegal work. A paralegal collates information relevant for the case for example: identifying the appropriate laws, legal articles, and other such material. Paralegals may assist to prepare legal arguments, drat pleadings, and motions to be filed in court and assist attorneys during the trial.

Is it a Certified Course?

A Paralegal course is available and does come as a certified course. This will allow you to work with attorneys or even Law firms. It is a 2 and half year degree program, that introduces you to the Law profession and helps you to embark and exciting career. The pre-requisites for a paralegal career is that you must know English, grammar and have good writing skills. You must also be good at researching, and above all a hard worker.

Duration of Paralegal Certified Course :

To become a paralegal you must be certified and trained. These courses are now available at various schools in the United States. You either take a specialized degree in paralegal studies or the associates degree (which is basic). A specialized degree allows you to specialize in a particular area. This training or certification duration may vary depending on your area of specialization. These courses are even available online. So you can locate the best type of training for you (whether online or through a particular institution) and get started. A thorough training and certification of paralegal studies will allow you to work good firms that will in return pay you well. This is also essential for your career growth to take place.

Paralegal Salary:

Once you’ve obtained the desired specialized course certification of a general certification of paralegal studies you will definitely get hired at a good law firm. Law firms are mostly dependent on paralegals. Paralegals organize the entire law firm. They take care of all reports and meetings etc. hence getting paid will definitely not be a problem or concern. As a paralegal you can get a substantial salary. The paralegal salary is decent enough starting from $27000 to $35000 (a few years ago). The salary will keep increasing as you progress as a paralegal. Paralegals also get paid for overtime if required. So there’s a good chance of making a good salary every month working as a paralegal.

As the need for affordable legal services continues so will the need for paralegals. So if you are up for it and fit the job description or have an inclination towards law and its requirements, you have a very good chance at excelling as a paralegal.

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