by: Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

By David Patullo

Most of us are working eight hour jobs and have a family to care for when get back from work. All the daily errands and the responsibilities keep us from returning to school. But many of us find that we can spare some time to study in our own free time, but the problem is that timing just isn’t flexible enough with the local schools around. For these people, online degrees have come to the rescue. And we are not talking about just any online degrees; we are talking about online degrees that you can work on right from the comfort of your home without worrying that all the time and money you’re spending is going to waste. There are several accredited colleges that allow you to work on your education from home, and rest assured, you have the peace of mind that you are earning credits toward a legitimate degree! Even if this is a temporary solution for your needs, you will be surprised to know how many schools accept your previous credits for transfer making you ahead of the game already.

What you need to know about accredited degrees is that there are two types of institutions in the market that provide you access to online education:

  1. Entirely Online Universities (Beware of the unaccredited ones!)
  2. Universities Offering Online Courses via Distance Learning (Majorly campus-based but also providing access to fully online degrees)

Both have their pros and cons, which are for you to evaluate, depending on your individual needs. You might be surprised to know that even your local community colleges and state schools provide online courses for only a fraction of the costs. And then there are others like American InterContinental University, Kaplan Online, and Ashford University that provide access to a truly virtual campus.

The types of online degrees you can earn with these institutions are possibly limitless. With the growing economy needs, accredited colleges understand the changing situations and provide you a first-hand experience of working toward your professional degrees. You may decide to get a few bachelor’s degree credits, earn an associate’s degree, or go all the way over to earning your completely online MBA degree from fully accredit colleges. Whatever degree you decide to go with, you can be assured your money is going toward the right cause and that you are taking the next best and convenient step to further your education. Continuing education was never so effortless through accredited colleges!

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