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by Annette Janis

42-24223333 If you think education is expensive – try ignorance. – Derek Bok

When you think about education, what do you think of? Perhaps you have fond thoughts of long lost friends from elementary or junior high school. Perhaps it is a memory of your first football coach or the anticipation you felt the first time you entered the high school building. Or maybe it is remembering the feeling of dread over the chemistry test or the awful school lunches. Whether good or bad, the word “Education” conjures up memories.

Very rarely, though, do we have memories of the actual learning process. We went to school, did our work and learned. How did this happen? Why don’t we remember learning? Could it be that learning is not just the reading and regurgitation of facts and figures but more of a process? Could it be the learning process is an accumulation of all the experiences that happen in our lives? Could it be that these experiences, both good and bad, constitutes your education?

Education encompasses everything we do in our daily lives. We have learned how to drive a car, answer our phones, cross the street safely, get dressed and order a hamburger from a fast food restaurant. All of these things are part of our education. We were not afraid to learn these things. We accepted assistance from others with experience in these tasks and learned how to do things. You were educated in these items.

Somewhere along the line in our lives, the word “education” became a word that, in some, constitutes fear, dread, intimidation, anxiety or apprehension. The idea of taking a chemistry, economics or math class causes panic attacks and cold sweats. The idea of continuing education is dismissed by the thought of failure or additional financial burden. When you purchase a new phone, a phone that has so much available technology to do so much more than just making a phone call, the thought of failure or financial burden was not combined with fear, dread, intimidation, anxiety or apprehension. The new phone will have new options that must be learned how to operate. Education about the new phone is not dismissed. Instead this process is anticipated, enjoyable, entertaining and exciting. Why? How is the learning process of efficient phone operation so different than chemistry? Both subjects are difficult. Both require an investment of time and money. Could it be that formal education is not thought of as important? After all, isn’t it much more important to know how to operate your cell phone efficiently than it is to analyze the chemical makeup of a Big Mac?

The more education you have, the more valuable you are to others. To operate your phone, someone had to teach you the basics but then you explored other applications that were of interest to you. You sought out others that had the same phone looking for tips and ideas on how to maximize the phones capabilities. You helped others who had just purchased the phone to learn how to use it. This is all part of the education process.

So why is education important ? We could not function in society without education. We could not survive without education. We could not grow without education. We all start with little if any knowledge on a topic. As we become more familiar with a topic, we want to learn more and more. As we learn, we help others who are new. The more knowledgeable you become, the more familiar with a topic, the more valuable you are. A consequent of this value might result in popularity, fame or fortune. Only you can limit yourself. The more education you obtain the more popular, famous or fortunate you will become. The more educated you become, the more people you can help. If you these attributes are of value to you, so is education.

This is why education is important.

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medical assistant training

medical assistant training

medical assistant degree

After earning a medical assistant degree you will also be better equipped to help doctors whenever necessary. It also means being able to find better jobs in hospitals and in clinics as well as nursing facilities and even in a hospice. The more the current population ages the more will be the demand for medical assistants and so it pays to have a degree under your belt.

The actual course involves completing studies in medical terminologies, CPR and understanding rescue procedures. In addition, it means studying patient care and how to use various kinds of medical equipment and it also means understanding more about medications and being adept at data management.

With a degree in hand, a medical assistan t can further their careers and there are in fact many programs available ‘ some are even available online ‘ and which provide as good quality of education as do the normal regular courses.

There is however two main types of educational programs that you need to choose from including a one year certification program and then there is the two year associate degree that can be obtained from an accredited institution.

Once you complete your education you will know how to check patients into facilities take their vital signs and keep medical records as well as update charts. In addition, you will have learned how to file charts and give injections and do the billing and also the insurance coding. Some of the tasks that a medical assistant needs to perform are very similar to what a back office assistant does though some other tasks are more like what front office assistants have to perform.

To find out more about medical assisting degrees online, go to this medical assistant degree website , and read about medical assistant classes to help you get started on the career path that is right for you.

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essence-of-distance-learning Distance learning education offers students the opportunity to study and earn a degree level education at where the students are located. This will also mean that students living in another part of the world can also study and take examinations online without ever stepping foot into any college or university campuses.

All the distance learning student needs to do is to watch online lectures, access course material and take examinations through a learning management system and communicate with lecturers over the internet or on the telephone.

This method of obtaining a credible accredited university degree will auger well for the distance learning universities , colleges as well as the students since more students from around the globe can enroll in the courses offered by these institutions. This will also result in keeping the costs of running the degree courses much lower and making the university fees more affordable to potential students.

As with anything, there will always be the good the bad and the ugly. There will be so called universities offering fake degrees without even going through a course of studies. So it is vital to ensure that the distance learning college or university you are enrolling in is appropriately accredited. This can be done by checking on the accreditation body that provides the accreditation and re-confirm it with education agencies.

By and large, most accredited distance learning colleges offer real and recognized degree programs. Most online education classes use the same course content, materials, instructors and even same examination questions as those students who attend the on campus programs. In other words, the online degrees are of the same quality as those of the on campus degrees.

Numerous researches and studies conducted on accredited universities and colleges has shown that the distance learning degree programs are effective and have consistent student’s achievement.

The California State University at Northridge conducted study on students in online education programs and reported its findings as follows :-

a) Students online learning programs tested 20% better than their counterparts in a traditional classroom study environment.

b) Distance learning students tend to be more self-motivated, disciplined, and are higher achievers.

c) Distance learning students spend 50% more time collaborating with other online students than students in the on-campus environment.

d) There is no difference in distance learning education results versus in-class accomplishment. The research found that student’s attitude and motivation being the determining factor of their results and the methods of delivery in the class do not matter at all.

So if you are uneasy about the credibility of distance learning colleges or universities degree program, these findings should put you more at ease.

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paralegal2 A Paralegal can be defined as a non lawyer who assists a lawyer in his legal work. A paralegal is not a certified lawyer but helps a lawyer with basic things like making reports, and other legal tasks which would assist the lawyer with his trials, hearings etc. Paralegals are an important of a law firm. They are delegated various legal tasks by the lawyers. However, they are not allowed to set any legal fees or present cases in the courtroom etc. They are also known as legal assistants.

What does Paralegal work involve?

The most important paralegal task would be to collect information for the lawyer regarding hearings, closings or trials. Even gathering information for corporate meetings for the lawyer is one of the important paralegal work. A paralegal collates information relevant for the case for example: identifying the appropriate laws, legal articles, and other such material. Paralegals may assist to prepare legal arguments, drat pleadings, and motions to be filed in court and assist attorneys during the trial.

Is it a Certified Course?

A Paralegal course is available and does come as a certified course. This will allow you to work with attorneys or even Law firms. It is a 2 and half year degree program, that introduces you to the Law profession and helps you to embark and exciting career. The pre-requisites for a paralegal career is that you must know English, grammar and have good writing skills. You must also be good at researching, and above all a hard worker.

Duration of Paralegal Certified Course :

To become a paralegal you must be certified and trained. These courses are now available at various schools in the United States. You either take a specialized degree in paralegal studies or the associates degree (which is basic). A specialized degree allows you to specialize in a particular area. This training or certification duration may vary depending on your area of specialization. These courses are even available online. So you can locate the best type of training for you (whether online or through a particular institution) and get started. A thorough training and certification of paralegal studies will allow you to work good firms that will in return pay you well. This is also essential for your career growth to take place.

Paralegal Salary:

Once you’ve obtained the desired specialized course certification of a general certification of paralegal studies you will definitely get hired at a good law firm. Law firms are mostly dependent on paralegals. Paralegals organize the entire law firm. They take care of all reports and meetings etc. hence getting paid will definitely not be a problem or concern. As a paralegal you can get a substantial salary. The paralegal salary is decent enough starting from $27000 to $35000 (a few years ago). The salary will keep increasing as you progress as a paralegal. Paralegals also get paid for overtime if required. So there’s a good chance of making a good salary every month working as a paralegal.

As the need for affordable legal services continues so will the need for paralegals. So if you are up for it and fit the job description or have an inclination towards law and its requirements, you have a very good chance at excelling as a paralegal.

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The health care industry is filled with doctors, nurses, and technicians that need to be able to work in a smoothly ran office. Health care administrators are generally hired to focus on the decision making side of a medical facility. offer an abundant amount of courses within their degree programs to prepare students for their role as a leader.

The overall duties of an administrator are to oversee, plan, and manage the distribution of health services by medical professionals. Students interested in exploring an online degree will find that courses teach how to maintain the operation of multiple areas within a facility. Work may consist of directly working with employees, finance practices, database procedures, and ethical responsibilities. Students learn how to complete these tasks and understand the medical field through courses on a variety of subjects. Online training programs may incorporate courses that include:

*The Health Care System

Students can expect to study the delivery system of health care. Online course elements include the team, group practice, state direct care, long-term care, and much more. The coordinating and health planning of a facility and its employees prepares students to understand their role as an administrator. Trends, issue, and solutions are all considered in a course like this.

*Health Care Organization

The theories relating to the environment, goal, structure, and procedure of a facility are discussed in regards to organization from a managerial standpoint. Students learn to prepare for organizational changes by studying the factors that may contribute to a shift in health care delivery. The goal of this kind of course is to prepare students to understand how to respond in organizational situations.

*Financial Management

The accounting and finance of a health care facility is discussed, which helps students understand how to make managerial decisions. The management of cash analysis, risk, investment, and debt is looked at to help students understand an in the accounting side of the career.

*Global Health Care

Online programs that include this type of course analyze the governmental, social, political, and economic factors that affect the system. The structure of globalization of health care is determined as students research recent trends in the field. Comparative data is assessed along with the feasibility of monitoring global health and delivery.

Depending on the focus of schooling may also work through courses on health law, computer operation, medical terminology, and more. Professionals typically enter the field with a bachelor’s degree and continue education online at the master’s degree level to gain upper level management positions. Associate to doctorate degree programs are available in many areas that include health management, health services administration, and hospital unit coordinator.

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